Sound Design - 2009

A Midsummer Night's Dream - UWM PSOA Theatre

James Tasse, Director

The sound design for A Midsummer Night's Dream attempted to reflect the dark mystery of fairy magic the director imparted on the play. Conceptually, this resulted in a very dynamic and satisfying production. The samples here are mostly musical soundscapes generated from environmental sounds, human vocalizations, African percussion and Tibetan bowls. These pieces were mixed spacially in the theater to create a mild but very dimensional swirling of environmental sounds (the samples here have been remixed to stereo). I've also included one sound effect, Thou Coward VO as an example of how the production handled the duality of Puck impersonating the lovers.

Hair - UWM PSOA Theatre

William Watson, Director

Hair was of course dominated by a reinforcement based sound design that maxed out the microphone and mixdown equipment available. 11 wireless mics, 4 area mics and 4 orchestra mics mixed to a 8 channel system in thrust presentation.

Included here are a couple of the few sound effects in the show. The Helicopter effect was particularly satisfying as I used goto and fade commands in QLab 1 to trick it into a loop that panned through consecutive speakers creating a swirling effect.

Oedipus Rex - UWM PSOA Theatre

Anthony Horne, Director

Oedipus Rex was staged in a distant semi-apocalyptic future where humans have rejected technology in favor of simpler lifestyle. This concept, plus the tradiational delivery of story lent itself to a sweeping and spacial soundrack that underscored specific oration. Expositionary sections were left untouched, but choral odes featured a hybrid style of tribal percussion provided by Seth Warren-Crow on the Tabla. A couple of stylized lighting and thunder cracks punctuated the action.