Sound Design - 2007

Ring Round the Moon - UWM PSOA Theatre

Michelle Lopez-Rios, Director

The majority of the sound design for this production consisted of Strauss waltzes being played at a ball just offstage from the dramatic action. Cue specific equalization was used to create a feeling of distance between locations. The play also featured a dinner gong (!?!) and a fireworks sequence. The fireworks "screams" were panned from a speaker center to another just offstage with the booms sent to a subwoofer well in the wings.

Moonlight and Magnolias - Milwaukee Chamber Theatre

Jenny Wanasek, Director

The sonic highlight of Moonlight and Magnolias happened at the very end of the show where David Selznick delivers a sililoquy consisting of a plot summary for the entire script of Gone With The Wind. Appropriate sound effects and music follow and drive him through the speech in an over-the-top montage. After a few attempts at doing some rapid fire cue calling the entire montage was combined into a single recording requiring the actor to time his delivery with impressive consistancy.

Mr. Melancholy - UWM PSOA Theatre

Rebecca Holderness, Director

The soundtrack for Mr. Melancholy was a deliberate amalgamation of environmental noises and thematic music. The inspiration came from diverse sources, such as the radio from Gilligan's Island, Disney's Enchanted Tiki House, television's Lost and the calliope music of Baraboo, Wisconsin's Great Circus Parade.  The resulting show and it's individual cues are amongst what I feel is my best work.  I continue to use the Shipwreck Radio 3 2 1 sequence as a teaching example.

7 Guitars - UWM PSOA Theatre

William Watson, Director

The sound highlight for this production was arranging and recording our own version of Jimmy Roger's blues classic "That's Allright". Travis Knight (Floyd "Schoolboy" Barton in this production) spent an afternoon with me in the studio laying down vocal lines against a generic I,IV,V guitar line. I performed and recorded the supporting instrumentation later. Of trivial interest is that I used the actual prop from the production to record the main guitar solo.