Sound Design - 2006

Einstein's Dreams - UWM PSOA Theatre

Rebecca Holderness, Director

Einstein's Dreams was cinematically scored throughout. The fragmented dialog and ensemble nature of the piece required a great deal of support from the production elements. The score was mixed down for a 14 channel system arrayed in the space that allowed instrumentation to follow character location as they moved around the stage. Kind of a fun note: almost all the percussion in the score was done with sounds generated from clocks or other time measurement devices.  I remixed the soundtrack to stereo and published it under the title Relativity.

From These Green Heights - UWM PSOA Theatre

Rebecca Holderness, Director

From These Green Heights was scored throughout with a combination of music composed for the show and Irish rock of the 60's through 90's. 

The original music began as a 30 minute concept musical piece that featured traditional Irish instruments, structures and rhythms mixed with synthesizer scaping and chorus laden Stratocaster (not-so-secretly influenced by the guitar stylings of The Edge). The piece, later remixed and published on CD as Ballymun Heights, was edited into it's individual themes for use in the stage play.