Sound Design - 2005

Inspecting Carol - UWM PSOA Theatre

Raeleen McMillion, Director

Inspecting Carol made use of a wide variety of heightened sound effects and ambience reminiscent of the older Alister Sim and Albert Finney movie versions of A Christmas Carol. These themes played against traditional carols that were treated to a variety of rhythm and pitch warping.

The show featured a curtain call sing-a-long that featured such holiday favorites as I Saw Three Ships.

Nickel and Dimed - UWM PSOA Theatre

William Watson, Director

The original music for Nickel & Dimed was an attempt to capture the feel of industrial film underscoring and commercial presentations. The majority of the percussion sounds were created by recording the sound of household items, like toasters or squirt bottles and blending that with recordings of coins dropped against various surfaces. Some of these original percussion loops are included in the samples. 

Minimum Wage is a fully structured composition that served as the base source material for each of the 20 or so transitional cues in the play.