Ballymun Heights

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Ballymun Heights


This CD contains the fully mastered musical composition that formed the source material for UWM-PSOA Department of Theatre's production of Dermot Bolger's Frome These Green Heights.

Track Listing:
1-Into the Sky / 2-Home / 3-The Climb / 4-Keep Trying / 5-Enter the Lift / 6-Too High for Birds / 7-Descending / 8-The Garden / 9-At The Brink / 10-Descent / 11-Taking Flight / 12-Concrete Jungle / 13-Denial / 14-Sky Work Zone / 15-Crazy Druids / 16-The Pipes are Calling / 17-Resist / 18-All Part of the Heritage / 19-Raise Your Flag


At The Brink
Keep Trying
Taking Flight

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